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Landscaping & Pest Control

Landscaping In Arizona Is Important!

Shade is a valuable quality in a state like Arizona. People are always looking for a place to park that has shade. Ergo, if your new home lacks landscaping, contact a professional landscaping company and have fast-growing trees planted under all the windows and include a lovely “desert” landscape in the front yard and eschew green grass. It will save you money on your water bill and Mother Nature will love it.

Arizona landscaping

Arizona Has Plenty Of Pests!

You have probably heard all the “war stories” about scorpions in Arizona but you needed concern yourself. Yes, they are around but quite harmless unless disturbed. They usually hide under rocks, so if you have children, inform them not to do anything stupid. Also, do some local research on pest control companies who don’t use chemicals and use them. If you have a swimming pool in your new Arizona home it’s okay for you, the owner, to handle the “clean the leaves and stuff off the top of the pool,” but NOT anything electrical. For that use a professional who does it for a living.

Pest control

Finally, make a “home maintenance to-do” list for yourself. Then locate some company you feel comfortable with and set up an appointment schedule to have them do a semi-annual inspection each year so you won’t have to worry about anything going haywire.
Oh, one more thing of importance that you need to do. Have a trustworthy local locksmith change the locks on every door that leads to the outside. While keys are being made, make sure you get two major keys that opens everything in your new home and give one to a family member who lives nearby or put them in a bank safety deposit box.

Personal note: Forget about hiding keys under a rock, under a doormat, or buried under a front window. That’s a ploy that will make it easy for thieves. They know all the tricks.