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Arizona Home Maintenance

It’s the dream of almost everyone regardless of age, to be a homeowner. When you buy a new Arizona home or one that’s nearly new as far as you’re concerned you’ll have a lot to consider, regarding moving in, buying furniture, getting use to those mortgage payments, maintenance & repairs. You should begin to familiarize yourself with various service companies within your area¬†

Arizona home maintenance

It is easy to overlook the home maintenance promise and obligation you’ve made with your new Arizona “buddy” – your home. Well, this guide for first-time homeowners will be worth your time and effort, so take a deep breath, read carefully and find out what that new parachute landing on your lawn has for you.

Some of the home maintenance mentioned in this article a homeowner can do on their own without having a master’s degree, others will require the experienced touch of a trusted professional. So, in your first year of residency in your new home, here is a to-do list that will keep you on the right tract as well as worry free.

  • Check the insulation in your attic or hire some worker to do it for you since it may require a high ladder. If the attic needs more insulation, add some. If you do the check on a sunny day, take time to see if any rays of sun are sneaking through cracks or busted shingles.
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water down to 120 Fahrenheit – 55 degree Celsius.
  • Living in Arizona where the weather is usually warm to hot, especially southern areas of the state like metro Phoenix and Tucson and can reach triple numbers, you would be wise to install ceiling fans in most all rooms that are used a lot.


If your new home in Arizona is so new it still has safety “stickers” on the windows, make a quick inspection to see that all exposed water pipes have been wrapped with insulation, all air filters are installed and new, LED or CFL light bulbs are in place, there are no “cracks” in the cement, and have a programmable thermostat installed and make sure everybody in the family knows how to work it. Also, since your new home will probably not include appliances, that’s a good thing. Now, you can spend the day buying energy efficient appliances and not the usual suspects builders usually install.